the environment

Why has my order been shipped to me in shoe box? 

As designers we're very aware that there's a lot of "stuff" on this planet we call home. We don't need any more of it, and we're doing everything we can do to reduce what we can.

We are not under any illusion that our business is about making stuff, hopefully 'stuff' that you can turn into something awesome that's going to be used by generations to come. But single use plastics and packaging that's not recyclable is not where we're at.

We have ordered in a bunch of cardboard mailing boxes that can be reused, recycled or are obviously biodegradable, but if your order doesn't fit in these then we will use what is around us, or go to our local high street friends who are happy to give us their boxes!

Do you recycle your acrylic waste?


I've heard about Greencast acrylics, why don't you use these?

The majority of our acrylics are made in the UK which means that the carbon footprint is small. Greencast acrylics are made from waste acrylic which is produced in Italy and Germany, and then shipped to the UK. As most of our acrylic is Perspex, if you want to know more about their sustainabilty policy have a look here:

Are your wood veneers from sustainable sources?