We are Karli and Jacques, a pair of designer-makers in Brighton. With our brand designosaur we’ve been making bright, fun, sometimes dinosaur-inspired jewellery and accessories together for seven years.

Back in 2017 we expanded our business further by opening our own laser cutting studio in Brighton, called YEAH laser. We've brought to Brighton a high power, high quality precision laser cutter and we still couldn't be more excited about it.

Photo Credit |  Kate Holden

Photo Credit | Kate Holden

about yeah laser

As YEAH laser we are now offering our services to local and national and international businesses, using our expertise to provide first-class laser cutting. There isn't a laser cut service in the centre of Brighton and we wanted to fill that gap.

We’re bringing an expert operator to the table - Jacques has been working as a Laser Cut Technician and Consultant for the last seven years. We’ll take care of the cutting work so you can concentrate on the designing side.


We are also offering consultancy services, helping you to create your files for the laser cutter, and free local delivery (personally hand-delivered to you by Jacques on his bicycle). Or, you can get your work shipped anywhere in the Europe.

We thought long and hard about setting up our own laser-cutting studio and how to make it work. To make it affordable we have guidelines of how to prepare your own artwork, so that you only pay for your laser time. We have a large range of acrylics, woods and other laserable materials to use, but you can also supply your own materials in the colour and finish you desire and have them sent straight to us.

the geeky bit

The VLS4.60 laser platform has a work area of 61cm x 45.7cm which gives us the space to cut those larger orders. It has the potential to cut and engrave items up to 73cm x 58cm x 22cm in size because of it's adjustable bed, and the 50W model gives us the ability to cut materials from 0.1mm - 10mm thick both quickly and accurately.  Our standard maximum sheet size is 60 x 40cm.

The laser is able to cut and engrave natural wood, MDF, laser ply, cork, cotton, acrylic, styrene (HIPS), ABS, polypropylene, paper, card, rubber, mylar (polyester film), engraving laminates and much more.

Photo Credit |  Kate Holden

Photo Credit | Kate Holden