Q. Do I pay for the whole sheet or just what I use?

a. You only pay for what you use, we use the dimensions of your artwork in our big materials spreadsheet to work it out. 

Q. Can you send me off cuts to test paint on? 

a. Absolutely! There's always off cuts so we don't mind popping these in with your order, just ask!

q. Can you get acrylics/materials that are not on your materials list?

a. If there's an acrylic or laserable material that you have seen elsewhere, we will do our very best to source it for you... Although sometimes this can take some time, or we may ask you to place a higher minimum order if we able to get it for you.

Q. Can I order just one thing? 

a. Kind of. Our minimum order is a £30.00 so if you meet that, there's no need to order in bulk. Quotes for pieces vary from the amount of detail, engraving and materials used, but no we don't have a 'per piece' minimum

q. Can I get a sample of my design?

a. As we mentioned before, our minimum order is £30.00 so we would advise you to layout a sample file that reaches this minimum if you are looking to test a design before getting it cut in bulk.

q. can i get swatches before I order?

We limit swatches to 10 per order order. They are £0.30 each and come unmarked with a hole. If you need to order swatches outside of an order then P&P cost will be added to this too. Send us an email!

When designing your files you’re welcome to add a swatch of your own so that you can build up your own collection.

Q. Can you cut felt, fabric, sequins etc?

a. As long as it's not toxic, we can give it a go. If it's a new material to us then we ask for a sample to see if we can get the optimum laser settings for you (no burnt edges, flashback etc)

Q. I have a scanned drawing, JPEG, PNG. Can you quote me?

a. No, not straight away. If you are unable to provide your own laserable files we can create these for you, but because of the way the laser cutter works, we can't quote before we have these files. Sorry!

Q. What's the thickest material you can cut?

a. The thickest acrylic we can cut is around 10mm, the thickest wood we could cut would be 6-8mm depending on the type of wood.

q. Can you cut metal?

a. Nope. We can laser engrave anodised metal, but we can't cut metal. Sorry!

q. can you cut glass?

Nope. We can laser engrave glass, but we can't cut glass. Sorry!

q. what is the kerf of the machine?

a. The kerf is 0.125mm, if you are looking for your pieces to fit snugly together this is the measurement you need to use!

q. when will i receive my order?

Our current lead times are 7-14 working days from when the invoice has been paid. There is a 'Ship Date' on all invoices produced.