File Set Up

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We offer a free quotation service. Please email us your files and all the relevant information we require (see below) and we'll return your email within one working day.

If you have any questions about file setup, or any aspect of the laser cutting process, please feel free to get in touch. Oh, and check out our FAQs.

file preparation

Please read the following information on file preparation before sending us any files for quotation. By following these guidelines we will be able to process your orders quickly and efficiently. If you are unable to draw-up your own files, please send us an email with your drawings for a quote to have these created as vectors.

image formats

Ideally we require a vector file in order to process orders. The formats that we accept are .ai (Adobe Illustrator), .dxf, .svg and .pdf. If you are unable to provide the specified files, we are able to work with almost any image.

Depending on the format and quality of the image the setup fee will vary. 

machine bed size / material sheet size

Our laser cutter has a maximum workable area of 610mm x 457mm.

The maximum sheet size we provide is 600mm x 400mm.

Mirror acrylic, glitter acrylic, marble acrylic and wood veneer finishes have a sheet size of 600mm x 300mm.

If you require larger sheets please contact us and we might be able to help.

material selection

We have a wide range of materials to choose from, if you can't see what you are looking for, please let us know and we will try and get hold of it for you.

cut types

There are three different cuts you can perform on our laser; 'Vector Cut', 'Vector Engrave' and 'Raster Engrave'. To show us what type of cut you require please use the following guidelines:

vector cut

This is a cut that goes all the way through the material.

You must use the following settings:
Stroke / line weight = 0.01mm (hairline)
Colour must be set to RGB red (255, 0, 0)

vector engrave

This is a cut line that just marks the surface of the material and does not go all the way through.

We have a standard optimised depth that marks the surface.

You must use the following settings:
Stroke / line weight = 0.01mm (hairline)
Colour must be set to RGB blue (0, 0, 255)

raster engrave

This is when you require a filled area on the surface of the material to be engraved.

We have a standard optimised depth that marks the surface (0.03mm), if you require a specific depth please let us know.

You must use the following settings:
Stroke / line weight = 0.25mm
Engraved areas should have black fill
Colour must be set to RGB black (0, 0, 0)

Here is an example of these three types of cut and what your files should look like >>>

Artboard 1.jpg

example sheet layout

Please layout all the items you would like cut in each colour as shown. This is one sheet. If you need six necklaces you must layout six necklaces on a sheet - even just for a quote.


file layout

You must make sure you leave at least 2mm between each individual object. It is also important that your cutting sheet file is no larger than 600mm x 400mm (or for mirror, glitter, marble, or wood veneer finishes 600mm x 300mm) as this is the maximum sheet size we provide.

cleaning up your files

When preparing your files it is important that you don’t have duplicate lines hidden close together or on top of each other. The laser cutter will include all lines on the file in the cutting process. If you do not remove these lines they can cause burn marks and will mean the cutting takes longer, which will cost you more.

Make sure you have removed all “clipping masks” as the laser cutter does not register images that use this tool.

saving your files

Your files should be saved using the following name layout to enable quick and efficient processing "yourname_materialtype_thickness”
For example: “jacqueskeogh_blackacrylic_3mm”

turnaround time

Once you have received your quote and confirmed your order it should take us around 7-14 working days to process and dispatch. If it is a busy period, this could be longer, but we will let you know when we provide your quote.

If you need a quicker turnaround, please let us know and we will quote for a Rush Job.


We offer free local delivery in the central Brighton area, please check the map to see if you are within range.

We also ship orders nationally and internationally at standard rates via Royal Mail Signed For.

file preparation checklist

• Make sure your file is set to RGB colour mode.
• Ensure you have selected the correct colours and line weights for your file
• Ensure that the file has no hidden / double lines.
• Each cutting sheet should be no larger than 600mm x 400mm (600mm x 300m for mirror, glitter, marble and wood veneer finishes)
• When you save your files the file name should include the following information (yourname_materialtype_thickness) for example “jacqueskeogh_blackacrylic_3mm”
• Individual objects should have at least a 2mm gap between them
• All text should be converted to vectors / paths
Remove all clipping masks.

quotation checklist

For us to give you a quotation please make sure you include the following information in your email to

Business Name (if applicable):
Contact Number:
Delivery Address:
Turn around time (please bear in mind that delivery in less than 14 working days will be charged as a Rush Job)

If you have ordered with us previously please just provide files and a brief explanation of what is required.